Love and treasure by Ayalette Waldman

A book set in a different country……

I bought this book with my Christmas voucher. The front cover is beautiful with it’s elaborate peacock and golden glint and it offered something a little different; something a little extra. I don’t normally sway towards books around the time of the war, mainly because it’s just an area of history that I don’t find too interesting but I suppose the front cover led me to believe it wasn’t just about the war and that was correct. It is set during this time but that isn’t fundamentally what it is about.

Jack is old and not long in this world. The story begins with him meeting his Granddaughter Natalie before heading back to the time he served as an American infantry captain and in charge of a fugitive train from Hungary, full of Jewish treasures. Among these treasures of home wares, gold and jewelry, Jack found a dazzling pendant in the form of a peacock.

I really enjoyed the Narrative of this book. It is really well written and the wording is enjoyable, with excellent and believable characters throughout. The three story idea is interesting, all linked together by the pendant, but as I neared the end I just needed more. I needed it to tie together; to be summed up; to be brought to a conclusion, maybe for the pendant to have found it’s true heir. It just underwhelmed me.


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