Black- Eyed Susans- by Julia Heaberlin

The first book you see in a book shop……

There is sat, number 1 on the Waterstones’ reader chart. How could I resist. I bought it with my Christmas vouchers and  let it sit on my shelf for a few weeks before I read it to let it gather even more anticipation and suspense. As I handed over the plastic, the cashier even expressed how much she wanted to read it so that just made me even more excited.

The book is so current I really don’t want to give anything of the plot away. As I’ve written many times, I never read the synopsis of a book because I don’t black eyed susanslike to be swayed or influenced in any way before I read. It’s fundamentally a murder mystery, with the protagonist being the only survivor. However with no memory of the event she is haunted by whether she made the right choices after it happened and whether her choices and guidance led to negative and possibly deadly repercussions.

I loved the front cover of the book and I love a mystery, not knowing what happens until the end adds to the suspense and (hopefully) no amount of guessing will be correct. I was so excited to read it and had heard so many many wonderful things that unfortunately I was a little disappointed, to begin with anyway. It took be a fair few pages to find where I wanted to be. I didn’t instantly feel attached or engaged which I like, especially with a quick moving thriller. I was a little confused and it took me a while to find my bearings; who was who and what was happening. I wasn’t even completely hooked until near the very end when the truth was being revealed.

Although it may not have completely met my expectations,  that’s not to say its a brilliant book. It has an excellent plot and the characters have depth and integrity and the conclusion wasn’t what I expected or imagined. For me it just didn’t quite live up to my expectations based on other reviews.



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