No Time for Goodbye- Linwood Barclay

A novel where the protagonist has the same occupation as you……..

We’re in the process of moving house, and not just that, I’m going to be living witNo time for goodbyeh my In-Laws until we have built our forever home, so as I type, our belongings are all boxed away, including my books, and with me still not feeling too fresh and just approaching the end of the first trimester I found this book in the draw next to the bed and just began to read.

It actually gripped me instantly. It’s a mystery so the prologue sets the book up nicely so the rest reveals the story. I had to fit this one to a category ‘post reading’ rather than find a book for the category and had to be a little creative for it to fit. The protagonist is a lady, called Cynthia, however it’s her husband, Terry, who is telling the story; he is a teacher, and so am I.

The prologue centres around Cynthia in her teen year. She’s deviated slightly from convention and on the night in question is dragged home, slightly inebriated by her Father who finds her in a car with her current boyfriend, Vince, who is happily demonstrating how to use his switch blade. After the stern words and after Cynthia has fallen into a drunken stupor, the rest of the family disappear. Gone without a trace, with no note, no lead and so many questions left for Cynthia to battle with over the next two and a half decades.

The chapters begin with Cynthia, her husband and eight  year old daughter 25 years later. Cynthia is still struggling to deal with what happened and is seeing a counselor to help her deal with her fragile state the situation has left her in. Slowly and suspiciously, strange things begin to happy and clues to her past begin to appear, but the main question throughout is whether Cynthia planned the whole thing? Is she planting the clues? Her husband begins to wonder and doubt her sanity. Two murders, a shooting, and a character twist later the mystery is unraveled, and finally after 25 long years Cynthia’s questions are answered.

As I mentioned above I was hooked onto this book from the beginning but I think that is usually the case with mysteries. You HAVE to be captured and it’s instinct to want to find out what happened.  To begin with I had no idea as to what might have happened even though I was guessing so I enjoyed that suspense although from two-thirds of the way through I could which was a slight shame; I do love to keep guessing until the end, cleverly though I still wanted read on. It is really well written and particularly good for me at the moment because I didn’t need to concentrate too hard through my intense tiredness and nausea.

Very enjoyable, not particularly intellectual or mind stretching but a perfect easy read to give your brain a little break.

2.5 stars out of 5.




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